Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land- Region Market Report | May 2023

The Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metro area real estate market in May 2023 showed positive trends:

  • Median Price: The median price increased to $340,000, reflecting a 2.1% growth from the previous month.
  • Closed Sales: There were 8,783 closed sales, indicating strong buyer activity and an increase in transactions.
  • Active Listings: The number of active listings increased to 19,863, providing a healthy supply of available properties.
  • Months Inventory: The months inventory remained relatively stable at 2.7 months.
  • Days on Market: The average number of days on the market decreased to 47, indicating increased demand and faster sales.
  • Days to Close: The average number of days to close a sale remained steady at 34, indicating an efficient real estate process.
  • Median Price/Sq Ft: The median price per square foot increased to $164.21, reflecting buyers’ willingness to pay more.
  • Median Home Size and Year Built: The median home size increased to 2,130 square feet, with a median year built of 2005.
  • Close/Original List Price: The close/original list price ratio improved to 96.4%, benefiting sellers.

Overall, the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metro area real estate market in May 2023 exhibited positive growth, strong buyer demand, and a healthy supply of available properties. The increase in median price, closed sales, and active listings indicates a buoyant market. The decreased days on market and steady days to close suggest a fast-paced and efficient market. The increase in median price per square foot and the shift towards slightly larger homes highlight buyers’ willingness to invest. Sellers also benefited from a higher close/original list price ratio. The Houston metro area continues to offer a favorable market for both buyers and sellers.

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